Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Spring on Shiraishi Island #japan

Sunset from the Shriaishi International Villa last night...

The cherry blossoms have almost gone and the warmer wheather is creeping into the island houses day by day. People are once more outside tending their vegetable gardens, going for walks and sitting on the engawa of their traditional Japanese houses. Spring time on the island is idyllic! 

There is an Orienteering event on the island April 20, which means they're clearing parts of the Shiraishi Pilgrimage for it. Lucky you! This year there will be even more of the pilgrimage trail available for hiking. In addition, we have two pilgrimage clean-ups organized (April 27 and May 11) in which we ask volunteers to come help us keep the pilgrimage tradition alive here on the island. Of course, the regular hiking course is always maintained and gives you excellent views of the Seto Inland Sea year-round. The ancient pilgrimage route appeals to those more interested in Japan's history and Buddhist culture. Speaking of Buddhist culture, also on April 20 is the Spring Kobo Daishi Festival at the island temple. See description at

The international villa is also filling up quickly, perhaps due to the fine weather. May 17 and July 5 are fully booked and there is just one room left on the following dates: May 10, 11 July 9, 10. For reservations, contact us at shiraishireservations at yahoo dot com.

Hope to see you this spring on the island!

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