Friday, March 28, 2014

Shiraishi Island International Villa under New Management

 Shiraishi International Villa sits on a hill overlooking the Seto Inland Sea

Shiraishi Island's most popular accommodation is under new management as of April 1, 2014. Amy and Paul from the Moooo! Bar will be taking reservations and managing the International Villa for 2014 and beyond.

We take off our hats to Kazu-chan, the former manager who steps down March 31. She successfully made this lodging a favorite destination for foreign travellers and expats alike for the past 20 years. Her loyal customer base comes back to Shiraishi Island and the International Villa again and again. Thank you Kazu-chan!

Whereas previously reservations and management were two separate entities, Amy and Paul aim to make the popular Villa even more comfortable for guests by offering them a seamless experience from booking their reservations to looking after guests once they arrive.

 Relax and take in the views of the sea from the deck of the International Villa

The International Villa fills up fast for the summer months, so please secure your reservation as soon as possible by contacting Amy at shiraishireservations at yahoo dot com (Reservations for the Villa can now be made up to 6 months in advance).

Note: The International Villa is already fully booked for July 9 and 10.


Anonymous said...

Have you seen this form lately?

Cow Lady said...

Yes, thank you. That is the form you get when you make a reservation through the Villa Central Reservations office in Okayama.It has a lot of wrong information on it but despite our advising an update, they haven't done it. We are very sorry about this. Unfortunately, it is not within our control. If you make your reservation directly through us, however, we will send you corrected information.

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