Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Typhoon 15--Moooo! Bar closed this weekend

The Moooo! Bar will be closed from today thru the weekend, including of Aug. 31 and Sept 1, due to Typhoon 15. We will be open on Sundays in September, so our next day for business is Sept. 8.

We are battening down the hatches and hoping this typhoon will not be a big one, but all precautions must be taken. 

Our final day of operation for the summer is Sept. 29, the last Sunday in September. We'll be holding our annual Moooo! Fest, with live music, camping on the beach and a general end of the summer goal to "drink the bar dry!" More details after the typhoon.

Stay safe and don't forget to moo!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Live Band and Firworks on the beach Aug. 24 on Shiraishi Island

This Saturday is the Live Band and Fireworks night on the beach at the Moooo! Bar on Shiraishi Island! Check out the Facebook page for more information. Accommodation is all booked but camping on the beach is free!

It'll be a mooin' time for all!

Monday, August 12, 2013

Shiraishi Bon Dance Schedule

Shiraishi Bon Dance on the beach at Shiraishi Island

The O-bon period has started! The Shiraishi Bon Dance will be performed on Shiraishi Island from August 13 thru 16th at 7 pm each night. This 800-year-old dance is performed every year in memory of the souls of the fallen Heikei warriors of the Inland Sea battle during the Gempei War (1185). The dances leading up to the 16th will take place at the city hall, and the public is welcome to participate. On the 16th, the islanders will don traditional robes (see photo above) and dance on the beach to see off the spirits who have returned to the island for the Bon period. The spirits will be sent out on the sea via candle-lit floating lanterns, signifying the end of O-bon.

Please note that all accommodation is fully booked on the island for the bon period. Camping on the beach, however, is still an option.

Monday, August 05, 2013

View of the Seto Inland Sea

Yesterday's view of the Seto Inland Sea from the beach of Shiraishi Island. It looks like this will be the view all week long too, as the forecast is for sunshine every day, all day!

Come on out to the Moooo! Bar on the beach and enjoy the sun and fun!

Friday, August 02, 2013

Only in Japan

In front of the Moooo! Bar: Children line up their sandals on the beach before going swimming in the sea.

Another great weekend of sunshine in store for Saturday and Sunday--see you on Shiraishi Island!

Come discover pilgrimaging with the Moooo! Bar

Shiraishi Island has a mini 88-temple pilgrimage modeled after the big Shikoku Pilgrimage. The course is 6-7km long and circumambulates the island, passing by 88 shrines representing the pantheon of Buddhist deities (as well as some Shinto). Get a map at the Moooo! Bar and we'll get you on your way!
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