Sunday, October 13, 2013

Notice: About the Shiraishi Pilgrimage...

It was great to see so many people do the Shiraishi Pilgrimage over the summer! One girl did the whole pilgrimage in two days under extreme heat, with just the directions from this blog and a map. Bravo!

The pilgrimage is a special trail, good for both walking and running. However, there have been some changes in course maintenance you should be aware of and at this point, few parts of the route are still passable. Please read my article in the Japan Times: Ancient Pilgrimage Routes and the Local Community if you are interested in knowing what happened.

In the meantime, I have been keeping the route from #80 to #83 and #9 to #17 cleared so it is still passable.

For those of you who haven't heard about the Shiraishi Pilgrimage, I started blogging about the route earlier in the Spring of this year. Please see these links below for the history about our ancient pilgrimage route based on the 88-Temple Shikoku Pilgrimage:

Blog entry No. 1: Introducing the Shiraishi Island Pilgrimage
Blog entry No. 2: Numbers 80-83
Blog entry No. 3: Myoken Shrine
Blog entry No. 4: Numbers 1-9

I will continue to blog about the route as time permits! The next post will include numbers 9 to 17.

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