Tuesday, June 19, 2018

July is almost here! Shiraishi Island, Japan

Waiting for summer, out front of the Moooo! Bar, Shiraishi Island

It's still the rainy season in Japan but the good news is that the summer starts in July. So be sure to start making your summer plans now for visiting Shiraishi Island. We're back to full time blogging now and will help you uncover the treasures of the Seto Inland Sea!

First up, the International Villa is now being managed by Moyo Muya, a Tanzanian artist. He and his wife Ayumi have moved to the island and plan on making it their permanent home :) There couldn't be a better suited couple to take the reins of the International Villa! I visited the villa yesterday and it was absolutely sparkling clean and Moyo has done a great job with the maintenance. The villa books out quickly in the summertime, so contact shiraishireservations at yahoo dot com to get your reservation in!

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