Monday, March 30, 2009

Now taking Shiraishi Int'l Villa Reservations

Spring "daikon" radishes on Shiraishi Island

We are now taking reservations for the Shiraishi International Villa for April onward. We offer you this free service as a convenience as the Villa reservation system will be making some changes starting April 1, 2009. The main conveniences we bring to you through our reservations service are: communication by email (in English), reservations by email and the ability to reserve rooms last minute, including weekends and holidays. We will also meet you at the port upon your arrival on Shiraishi and show you to your accommodation. We offer you continuing support throughout your stay including language support, updates on weather, ferries, and other useful information. All this we offer for free! So come on out and enjoy the island!

See the Shiraishi International Villa site for availability. They have updated their site so now you can see exactly how many rooms are left as well as which dates are fully booked. After you decide your dates, just email me at shiraishireservations at and we'll take care of the rest.

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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Shiraishi Crime Stoppers

These are our new "crime stopper" vans on the island! There are three that I have seen so far. Makes you wonder, on an island that had zero crime last year among its population of 680 people, what prompted this....I mean there is only one road on the island to even patrol.

This is the sign on the side of the vans: "Let's create a safe community. Crime Patrol."

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Sunday, March 08, 2009

Monday, March 02, 2009

New room rates for International Villa

The Shiraishi International Villa is now taking reservations for April and May! Check out their vacancy page.

The new rates starting April 1 are 3,500 yen per person per night based on double occupancy. Extra 500 yen charge per night for single occupancy. If you stay two or more nights, the price is 3,000 yen per night (plus 500 yen single occupancy surcharge if only one person per room). Reservations for the villa at their homepage.

It looks like they are still keeping their annoying rule of only being able to reserve two months in advance, but if you'd like to reserve something for after April, there are plenty of other places to stay on the island, all of them right on the beach (as opposed to the villa which is on top of a hill). For info. on other accommodation, check out or email me at shriaishireservations at
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