Thursday, August 30, 2018

Summer over, Autumn begins on Shiraishi Island, #setonaikai #japan

The summer is over but...the autumn is about to begin! This is truly the best season on Shiraishi Island because the temperature is more favorable for hiking, kayaking and pilgrimaging. And, you can still swim too! The water is clean, clear and blue--Hope to see you!

Sunday, August 19, 2018

The summer season comes to a close on Shiraishi Island...

As another beautiful summer on a small island in Japan's Seto Inland Sea comes to a close, we wish to thank all of our customers for sharing their summer days on the beach with us! It has truly been memorable and we look forward to seeing many of you again next year. May you find green pastures all winter long!

Friday, August 03, 2018

Shiraishi Bon Dance, a national treasure Aug. 13-16, Seto Inland Sea, #Japan

The Obon Festival of the Dead is from Aug. 12-16 on Shiraishi Island. This is absolutely the best time to be on the island! The Shiraishi Bon Odori, a National Treasure, has been performed every year for over 700 years now. The dance is to appease the souls of the Heike warriors who died in the final battle at Dan'no Ura in the Seto Inland Sea in 1185, marking the end of the Genpei Wars between the Taira and Minamoto clans fighting for control of Japan. After this war, the Kamakura Shogunate ensued. Come out and watch the locals perform the dance, or participate to help appease the souls of the warriors!

Shiraishi Bon Dance schedule for this year is as follows:

Monday evening Aug. 13 Mukaebi (welcoming the spirits back to the island) at the temple and Shiraishi Dance performance.
Tuesday 8pm Aug. 14 Shiraishi Dance (at Kominkan--a great time to learn the dance!)
Wednesday 8pm Aug. 15 Shiraishi Dance (at Kominkan--a great time to learn the dance!)
Thursday evening, sunset, Toronagashi (sending the spirits off via lanterns on the sea) From 7pm the last Shiraishi Dance performance. Takes place on the beach.

If you're planning on seeing the dance, you will need to stay overnight, so please book as soon as possible as everything will soon be full! See accommodations at or email shiraishireservations at yahoo dot com.

Monday, July 23, 2018

"Weave--Shiraishi Island!" Art on the Island Aug. 10-19, 2018 #Kasaoka #Okayama #japan #setonaikai

An art exhibit by Kotaro Nagira, sponsored by Art Bridge, will be held at the Matsuura House on Shiraishi Port from Aug. 10 through the Obon period. Nagira-san is a textile artist and has had his works displayed internationally. Please see below for a schedule of events in English. 

Aug 10-19 Art Exhibits at Matsuura House

Aug. 10 (Fri) 14:00 A 30-minute introduction by the artist

Aug. 15 (Wed) 2:00 — 3:00 pm Balinese Dance

Every day from 1:00 — 4:00 pm, the Art Cafe will feature Shiraishi Island Mulberry Lemonade

See you on the island! 

Friday, July 20, 2018

New Udder Cup Cakes at the Moooo! Bar & Calfe

We now have udder cup cakes at the Moooo! Bar & Calfe. Guaranteed to make you moo!

* Limited supply, weekends only. I make one batch of 24 on Saturday morning.

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Moooo! Bar Beachside

Welcome to Shiraishi Island and the Moooo! Bar. Enjoy a frozen Moogarita or Pina Moolada while relaxing by the sea:

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Craft Beer Festival on the Beach on Shiraishi Island July 14-15 #japan #okayama

Come celebrate the return to good weather with a trip to Shiraishi Island over the Sea Day weekend!  Monday is a national holiday (Sea Day), so for the long weekend we've prepared some fun in the sun. See you on the island! 

For more info on Shiraishi Island, including accommodations, see the Moooo! Bar website.

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

July is almost here! Shiraishi Island, Japan

Waiting for summer, out front of the Moooo! Bar, Shiraishi Island

It's still the rainy season in Japan but the good news is that the summer starts in July. So be sure to start making your summer plans now for visiting Shiraishi Island. We're back to full time blogging now and will help you uncover the treasures of the Seto Inland Sea!

First up, the International Villa is now being managed by Moyo Muya, a Tanzanian artist. He and his wife Ayumi have moved to the island and plan on making it their permanent home :) There couldn't be a better suited couple to take the reins of the International Villa! I visited the villa yesterday and it was absolutely sparkling clean and Moyo has done a great job with the maintenance. The villa books out quickly in the summertime, so contact shiraishireservations at yahoo dot com to get your reservation in!

Sunday, May 27, 2018

Pilgrimage season is upon us!

We've had beautiful days on Shiraishi island for May and expect the good weather to continue into June. The Shiraishi Pilgrimage path is also in great shape, but won't be for much longer, I fear, as the rainy season is coming sometime in June when the weeds grow so fast, we won't be able to keep the entire 10km trail clear. But never fear, there are always some sections open for pilgrims and the intrepid can still make it around the whole route. The sooner the better, however!

Some recent photos from the Shiraishi Pilgrimage trail:

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Golden Week on Shiraishi Island (April 29-May 6, 2018) #japan

It's been a long winter but starting tomorrow (Tuesday), the weather will be warming up as we head into the Golden Week Holidays in Japan (April 29-May 6). And this is what the beach looks like! May 6th is the Kairyuji Temple's Spring Kobo Daishi Festival with goma fire ceremony. It's free and everyone is welcome to attend.

The Moooo! Bar will be open, the Shiraishi Pilgrimage will be open, and the beach will be all yours! Come out and relax with us.

The International Villa is fully booked for Golden Week, but there are still accommodations available, including the Moooo! House. Check out our Accommodations page or email us at shiraishireservations at yahoo dot com

See you on the island!
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