Sunday, April 15, 2018

Golden Week on Shiraishi Island (April 29-May 6, 2018) #japan

It's been a long winter but starting tomorrow (Tuesday), the weather will be warming up as we head into the Golden Week Holidays in Japan (April 29-May 6). And this is what the beach looks like! May 6th is the Kairyuji Temple's Spring Kobo Daishi Festival with goma fire ceremony. It's free and everyone is welcome to attend.

The Moooo! Bar will be open, the Shiraishi Pilgrimage will be open, and the beach will be all yours! Come out and relax with us.

The International Villa is fully booked for Golden Week, but there are still accommodations available, including the Moooo! House. Check out our Accommodations page or email us at shiraishireservations at yahoo dot com

See you on the island!
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