Sunday, June 21, 2020

Moooo! Bar on the Beach open from July 1st! #shiraishiisland #setoinlandsea #japan

Just another Shiraishi sunset as seen from the beach. Yep, happens almost every day.

Okay, it's settled: The Moooo! Bar will open this year! It was a close call, but since the coronavirus has been limited to Japan's cities, we decided to capitulate to herd demand on Shiraishi Island and open the barn doors for the summer season.

We're aiming for an opening on July 1, but we'll be offering a shortened, mini-moo version of our usual selves as we're short on staff and will continue to be understaffed throughout the summer due to COVID-19. In addition, some of our menu ingredients are sourced from Australia and the US (such as the teats for the Udder Parfaits), so some items will be on hiatus until we can procure substitute items. Moogaritas, Pina Mooladas and other cocktails, however, are still plentiful. So come on by, kick up your hooves and join us for another one of those spectacular Shiraishi sunsets! See you soon.

Lowing softly,
Head Cow, Moooo! Bar

Tuesday, April 28, 2020

2020 Shiraishi Island Update for Golden Week

 The renewed Otafuku Hotel lobby

2020 Shiraishi Island Update for Golden Week

The Moooo! Bar will be closed for Golden Week (April 29-May 6) this year. The International Villa is also closed at the moment due to COVID-19. San-chan's, however, is open as is, I believe, Shiraishi Guest House.

The Shiraishi Kukai Trail Race has been cancelled for May 6. Hopefully it is just post-poned till Autumn, but we're waiting to see how things pan out.

Otafuku Ryokan has been bought out by the Chanter Group, who owns a few hotels around the prefecture. They have remodeled the inside and are running an Italian restaurant as well. They are open for overnight stays.

If you do come out to the island over the holiday period, please wear a mask. Thank you!

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