Wednesday, November 01, 2017

Autumn on Shiraishi Island

Bussharito Festival, Nov. 15

The temperatures have dropped and it's a bit cool these days on the island with the day-time highs around 19 to 20 Celsius. The sun is out most days, however, making the weather perfect for hiking and for taking in those beautiful Seto Inland Sea views!

We just finished the Kobo Daishi 10k Pilgrimage Trail Race at the end of October, so the pilgrimage path is in perfect condition for hiking, and should remain so through the winter. You can download the map from the Shiraishi Pilgrimage Facebook page or buy a hard copy for 300 yen upon arrival on the island.

Nov. 15th is the annual Bussharito Festival, when they open up the crypt in this Thai style temple. It's a great opportunity to see an interesting Japanese Buddhist fire ceremony as well as to inspect the inside of the Bussharito Temple which is said to hold some of the remains of the Buddha.
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