Monday, April 21, 2014

Moooo! Bar on the beach open for Golden Week!

The Moooo! Bar on the beach will be open for Golden Week. We'll open April 27 and stay open until May 6. The bar will then close until June, in which we'll open on weekends only. July and August we'll be open every day. Come join the herd! The moogaritas are waiting for you on Shiraishi Island...


Anonymous said...

Hi Amy,
The Salty Dogs (me, Randy, Simon, Jon, Jon, and Andrew) will be making our way to the island on Saturday. See you for a few afternoon Mooooogaritas!


ranting chef said...

Hey Amy,
hope you guys are having fun at the Mooo Bar. I'm just catching up on my blog and would love to use one of you images on it. Would that be possible ofcourse I would credit and link back to you.

By the way, just last night we read a news article on the BBC news stream about Shiraishi and you were mentioned. I believe Monika has FB you in on the conversation.

John (we met when Big Elle and Toshi visited)

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