Tuesday, July 06, 2021


Photo: Guntsu (luxury hotel) passes by the Moooo! Bar

We apologize for not updating the blog for so long. The environment due to the coronavirus has been so volatile, that we felt it was difficult to follow the ups and downs of the virus situation with its near daily changes. 

On June 20, Okayama Prefecture was relieved of its State of Emergency status and the number of new coronavirus cases has dropped considerably. This is great news, however, until more citizens are vaccinated, we hesitate to open the Moooo! Bar to full capacity. 

At the moment, the Moooo! Bar is open on weekends to all, but during the week by appointment only. So while we are open every day, we are not actively encouraging guests to come until we ourselves have been vaccinated, a process which will not be complete until August 8th. We thank you for your patience and understanding. 

In the meantime, San-chan's on the beach is open every day (they're all vaccinated) serving both food and drink. 

Stay safe and we hope to see you during Obon, from August 12-16. (No news yet on whether the Shiraishi Dance will take place this year. We will keep you posted).

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