Sunday, September 21, 2014

Shiraishi Pilgrimage open for the trail running season!

The Shiraishi Pilgrimage autumn trail running season has started! We generally take a hiatus from cleaning the route over the summer since it's too hot to run it anyway, but after a successful weekend of trail cleaning, the route is now ready for a great Fall/Winter. Thanks to volunteers who came out to help clean the trail, now the first part of the pilgrimage path (through shrine No. 17) is open for hiking or running. Thank you everyone for a fun weekend: BBQ and keg on the beach, overnight at the International Villa and trail cleaning the next morning.

More clean-ups will follow, each time doing another section. Here are some photos of the trail. 

The beginning of the pilgrimage path. 

One of the shrines along the path.

For the history and some background on the pilgrimage, as well as detailed directions on the course, see the following blog entries:

Blog entry No. 2: Numbers 80-83
Blog entry No. 3: Myoken Shrine
Blog entry No. 4: Numbers 1-9

My next post will be detailed directions to No.s 10-17, the section we just cleared.

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