Thursday, September 04, 2014

September on Shiraishi Island

 If you missed this article on Shiraishi Beach activities in RocketNews24, you can read it here

The summer is winding down on Shiraishi and there are just two more days the Moooo! Bar will be open: Sept. 7th and 15th. The 15th is Drink the Bar Dry day, and all alcoholic drinks will be discounted. Also, there's the annual 50 percent off sale in the Moooo! Shop for all your bovine beach needs.

But remember--you can visit Shiraishi Island anytime of the year! And we have no pesky rules for using the beach, so you can swim year-round, have BBQ's and mainly, have the island as your own private paradise.

Thanks for a great summer, and we hope to see you this Fall on the island! Major moo-moos to all.

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Anonymous said...

How about painting a big cow on top of your roof? (Or the new Shiraishi mascot). Allows Google satellites to clearly distinguish your bar from the other structures on the beach.

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