Monday, September 19, 2016

Typhoon 16 update--good news for Seto Naikai area #japan

Typhoon 16 is currently passing near the Seto Inand Sea and although there is lots of rain, there isn't much wind. The storm changed direction and rather than coming directly over this area, it is skirting up the Eastern side of Shikoku and heading Northeast. The typhoon's central pressure is 960 and will rise to 970 by afternoon. By 3pm, the storm will have passed and we'll have clear skies and sunshine!

The ferries to Shiraishi Island should be functioning. We'll let you know here if, for some reason, they temporarily stop running. Those who have reservations on the island today should still be able to get here, although we recommend taking an afternoon ferry to avoid the heavy rains.

Note: The car ferry is more reliable in inclement weather than the passenger ferry. Ferry times to Shiraishi Island, leaving from Fushigoe Port are: 11 am Shiraishi Ferry (orange boat), 13:00 pm Kanafuromaru (white ferry with a big picture of Mt. Fuji on the side), 14:40 Shiraishi Ferry. 15:25 Kanafuromaru, 17:00 Shiraishi Ferry.

See you on the island!

This update was Tuesday, Sept. 20 at 6:25 am JST. For more information about the typhoon, see the Japan Meteorological Association website. 

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Update on Typhoon 16, Shiraishi Island, Seto Inland Sea, Japan

This slow moving typhoon is taking its time, sauntering North from Taiwan and should amble to Japan's Kyushu Island by Tuesday and these parts of the Seto Inland Sea by Wednesday. At that point, the typhoon itself will be slouching around as a tropical storm, at 990 hectopascals of pressure; not even enough wind to stop the ferries! But there will be rain and today's forecast is for rain on and off. Once the typhoon arrives, heavy rain is possible. By Thursday, we should be back to fine weather again on the island!

PS The Moooo! Bar will be open serving typhoon moogaritas throughout....:)

Sunday, September 11, 2016

September on Shiraishi Island, #Japan #setoinlandsea #beaches


September is a great time to be on the island and reservations have been rolling in for the long weekend of Sept. 16-19, the holiday of Sept 22 and the last weekend in Sept, the 24th and 25th. Here is a current selection of availability (or non-availability, however you want to look at it):

International Villa fully booked Sept. 18
Shiraishi Guest House fully booked Sept. 24

If you'd like to come out to the island in September, get your reservations in soon! See the Moooo! Bar website for accommodation options.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Shiraishi Island Fireworks Festival Aug. 27: Lodging availability update #Japan #setonaikai #SetoInlandSea


We're headed into the last big event of the summer: the Shiraishi Fireworks Festival, billed as the smallest fireworks festival in Japan! It's true, but it's a community effort where everyone contributes a little bit to the fireworks fund and on the night of the festival live bands play on the beach and the fireworks are set off right off the shore on the water. They're so close when they burst into "fire flowers" that you feel like you can touch them! Don't miss it this Saturday night! Here is the current availability for overnight on the island:

Shiraishi Guest House: Full.
Shiraishi International Villa: 3 rooms available (2 ppl per room)
Amagiso: Still has some rooms
Moooo! House: Three women-only tatami mat rooms or one group of males and females 6-8 ppl. Perfect for families. A step above camping!
Camping: Always free on Shiraishi Island Beach!

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Shiraishi Island Fireworks Festival and Live Bands on the beach Aug. 27th #Japan

The Moooo! Bar on Shiraishi Island is open every day through August. From September, we'll be open only on Sundays and by appointment. 

The last event of the summer is the Shiraishi Fireworks Festival and Live Band Night on the beach Aug. 27th. There are still a few rooms available at the Shiraishi International Villa. Contact us at shiraishireservations at yahoo dot come for availability for that Saturday night. Camping on the beach is free!

See you on the island! 

Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Shiraishi Island completely booked for Obon period Aug 12-16

Sunset from the Moooo! Bar, Shiraishi Island

Shiraishi Island is completely booked for the Obon period from August 12-16th. Rooms are available starting August 16th. You may still come out for a day trip or camping on the beach!

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Shiraishi Island accommodation fully booked July 30, camping & day trips still on offer

Moooo! Bar sunbeds on the beach! 1,000 yen per person and relax all day in the shade or (sun), sipping on a moogarita. Ahhhh, summer vacation!

Accommodation is all booked for Saturday, July 30 on Shiraishi Island. Camping on the beach is always free, however, and you can still come out for a day trip

The summer is heating up, come on out for a swim!


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