Wednesday, June 29, 2016

The Opening of the Sea Ceremony (umibiraki) on Shiraishi Island, Japan #setonaikai

The altar in front of the sea. The Tenrikyo priest blesses the sea to make it safe for swimming.

Today's "umibiraki" or Opening of the Sea ceremony, was held in the pouring rain! Shiraishi Island is ready to welcome tourists for a safe season of beach play and swimming!

It's hard to believe that the rain is going to lift and we're going to have sunny weather for this weekend! Sunday is a big day on the island with the Shiraishi Yacht Race taking place and also the Mushi Okuri Festival (throwing the bad insects off the island!). You can read about last year's insect festival here here. 

Starting July 1, the Moooo! Bar is open every day through the end of August. Check out our new sunbeds and tables on the beach!

See you on the island!

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