Thursday, September 17, 2015

Silver Week, Sept. 19-23 Shiraishi Island, #japan

Last night's sunset, Shiraishi Island

Silver Week is almost upon us and we have lots to offer here on Shiraishi Island. Besides the usual beach, beach bar and awesome sunsets, we have three art exhibits going on. I'll post a little more on the art exhibits in my next post but right now I wanted to bring you up on vacancy details, as I've been getting lots of inquiries lately.

Shiraishi International Villa is full Sept. 20 and 22, but still has rooms available on the other nights.
Amagiso Ryokan and Minshuku has rooms available on all nights, at the moment.

All other accommodation is completely booked.

If you'd like to come out to the island, you can either camp on the beach (free) or stay at either Amagiso or the International Villa. Just email us for reservations at shiraishireservations at yahoo dot com.

See you on the island!

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