Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Shiraishi Island Typhoon No. 11 Update and Ferry Schedules

Looks like the Typhoon 11 will be hitting this area in the Seto Inland Sea on Thursday, July 16. The ferries will be running today, Wednesday, and the Shiraishi Ferry will make one morning run on Thursday at 7:55 to take people back to the mainland. So if you're on the island already, plan on leaving tomorrow morning. If you're booked into accommodation here tonight, you can still come, but you won't be able to leave the island until Friday. This is not such a bad thing, and If you like to drink, this may suit you just fine.

The typhoon looks like it will have lost strength by the time it gets here. Shikoku does a great job of impeding storms before they reach Shiraishi. Thanks Shikoku!

The weather is usually best immediately after a typhoon--super clear skies and beautiful sunsets. Just in time for Sea Day. See you on the island!

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