Sunday, May 10, 2015

Photos and Results--Kobo Daishi 10K Trail Race, Shiraishi Island, #japan

Highlights from the inaugural Run with Kobo Daishi 10km Trail Race, held May 6, 2015 on Shiraishi Island in Japan's Seto Inland Sea. Sponsored by Alishan/Tengu Foods and the Moooo! Bar.

Explanation before the race

Scenes from the 10km trail course....

One person ran in a henro outfit!

There were some obstacles on the course, such as this rope to descend

The route passes many Buddhist deities...

And of course, great views!

Mens Winners: First place 47:39 Tanigawa-san, Second place 48:18 Paul Walsh,  Third place 52:00 Asano-san, Fourth Place 52:46 Kishikawa-san, Fifth place 52:51 Ueoka-san, Sixth Place 52:52 Toda-san

Womens Winners: First Place 1:06:50 Watanabe-san, Second Place 1:11:27 Tamemoto-san, Third Place 1:13:32 Kodani-san

Congratulations everyone on a great Trail Race! Our Inaugural Run with Kobo Daishi 10k Trail Race was a huge success! See you next year....

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