Saturday, August 02, 2014

New car ferry to Shiraishi Island increases options for tourists

We are happy to announce you have more options for getting to Shiraishi Island (Kasaoka-shi, Okayama) than before. The Fuji Line is now operating out of Fushigoe Port in Kasaoka (the same place the orange direct-to-Shiraishi car ferry leaves from) and will stop at Shiraishi Island on it's way to Kitagi Island. That means you can use the same ferry to get to both Shiraishi and Kitagi. From Kitagi, the Fuji Line turns around and heads back to Kasaoka via Shiraishi.

The times leaving Kasaoka are:
9:25 and 15:25
The times returning to Kasaoka from Shiraishi are:
11:01 and 14:32

Here is the entire schedule, in case you'd like to include Kitagi Island in your trip:

7:15 Lv. Kasaoka direct to Kitagi Ar. 8:05
9:25 Lv. Kasaoka, Ar. Shiraishi -- 10:08, Ar. Kitagi -- 10:28
10:28 Lv. Kitagi, Ar. Shiraishi 11:01, Ar. Kasaoka 12:30
14:00 Lv. Kitagi , Ar. Shiraishi 14:32, Ar. Kasaoka 15:25
15:25 Lv. Kasaoka, Ar. Shiraishi 16:10, Ar. Kitagi 16:32

Keep in mind that Kitagi Island has 2 ports of call. For full details on drop off and pick up points on Kitagi, see this link (Japanese)

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