Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Our first Moooo! Bar video on Vine (and first ever video on Vine!)

(To stop the video, click once on the video screen. To get it to play again, click it once.)

Thanks to everyone for a great Golden Week holiday! Golden Week for us is something equal to "Let the cows out of the barn day" in Europe, when the cows get their first taste of spring after a long winter and kick up their hooves! The Shiraishi cows productive and managed to get the Moooo! Bar up and running! Over this holiday period, we welcomed many spring visitors to the island: kayakers, hikers, campers and plenty of guests at the Shiraishi International Villa, all who enjoyed Moogaritas and Pina Mooladas on the beach in addition to Seto Inland Sea sunsets and nightly bonfires. What a great way to start out the 2014 season!

Also, this is my first video on Vine! Not the best videography, I know, but hopefully better ones are to come! To get the video to stop, just click once on the video screen. If you don't click, it'll endlessly loop the 6-second video (apparently, one of the appeals of Vine videos). Vine makes it easy to show you what's happening on Shiraishi Island--in just 6 seconds! Stay tuned for more videos of Shiraishi Island and the Seto Inland Sea, Japan.

Note: The Moooo! Bar was open only for Golden Week holidays. It will open again in June (weekends only) and July and August (every day). 

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