Wednesday, May 15, 2013

School Trips to Shiraishi Island 修学旅行

The first school group of the year receives kayaking instructions from Sea-kun.

May and June bring groups of Japanese school children to Shiraishi Island on field trips to experience swimming, fishing and kayaking. These trips are called 修学旅行 (shugaku-ryoko). Most of the students come from prefectures such as Gifu, which is surrounded by mountains, where the students have little chance to experience the sea.

While the International Villa is open for bookings, most accommodation on the beach will be fully booked. Since the villa is located up on a hill, you will not run into many of the students, but if you go down to the beach, you'll see them taking part in their activities. Give them a friendly "Hello!"

We also get smaller student groups from Australia and the US. Our first foreign school will come June 20.

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