Saturday, July 14, 2012

Sun and fun on Shiraishi Island this weekend!

What a fantastic weekend it is turning out to be! We started with heavy rain in the morning yesterday (Saturday), but slowly the day got better and everything went ahead as planned: the Shiraishi Bon Dance on the beach and the candle-lighting in the evening. The island welcomed over 200 people who came out to watch and participate in the Shiraishi Dance and to see the candles. This year 609 candles were lit--one for each island resident (mine was probably the stubborn one that kept going out :).

 Finally, tractor parking at the Moooo! Bar

 Sun has returned to the island and today and tomorrow (Sea Day) are going to be rocking! Come on out to the Moooo! Bar on Shiraishi Island and enjoy the sea!

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