Saturday, August 20, 2011

Returning the Seaweed to the Sea--an art exhibit on Shiraishi Island

The seaweed boat being brought to the beach by locals and tourists

Here are some photos to go with my article in the Japan Times about artist Tanotaiga and his seaweed boat art project. The article is called Returning the Seaweed to the Sea which talks about the history of the seaweed trade on Shiraishi Island. Tanotaiga made his boat out of Shiraishi nori (seaweed) and launched it over Obon.

On the beach, lowering the seaweed boat into the water. The artist, Tanotaiga is in front.

Tanotaiga in his boat! Where is the wind?!

Nonetheless, the boat is a success! He was able to take some children onboard as well.


Anonymous said...

I love it. I hope he sails to China. In China, they eat EVERYTHING!
Japan's waste is China's food.

Such as Nomura's Jellyfish (200KG jelly fish)

Maybe make the seaweed into some kind of value added food like rice crackers (sembei) seaweed and rice from the island!, using GREEN energy to do it!

Cow Lady said...

Yes, I agree. I think the problem is that via subsidies, the govt. is really only trying to support people, not necessarily the seaweed trade. It is extremely short-sighted and leads to a lot of waste. You see it all over Japan.

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