Thursday, March 04, 2010

New Shiraishi Island Home Page

Shiraishi Island

Someone wrote to me asking if there was more information about Shiraishi Island other than the page and I am glad to say that very soon the island will have its own English homepage!

This is overdue, of course, and is why I originally set up the Moooo! Bar page six years ago. The new page should be very interactive and host photos, list event schedules and show the many different activities you can do on the island.

The island has put a lot of money into researching the foreign market and is very interested in promoting Shiraishi as a "living museum" where foreigners can see and experience the real Japan. We feel that with this new plan, and with the help of government grants we have received for eco-tourism developement, we can get more people to Shiraishi without sacrificing our island's culture. We merely aim to open the island up to more people rather than changing the island to meet tourist's needs. This is an island proud of its traditions and the islanders are people who are happy to share those traditions with the outside world.

Another aim of this new plan is to become your portal to the Inland Sea. Shiraishi is a great place to get introduced to Japan's Inland Sea and all the things the islands offer, but we don't want you to stop discovereing the Inland Sea when you leave. We want to help people explore the Inland Sea further. Truly, the Inland Sea is Japan's undiscovered frontier.

If you have any ideas for our homepage, we would love to hear them. I am not making the page myself, but I will pass your ideas on to the web designer. I think the goal is to have the page up by April 1.

So Sean, thanks for asking about a Shiraishi Island homepage! It's on its way.....


Greg H. said...

Visiting the Moooobar is on my bucket list.

Gabi Greve said...

How is the new page coming ?

Gabi from Okayama

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