Monday, October 26, 2009

Western breakfast at Minshuku Harada

Japan Lite reader Diane recognized the "Western breakfast" in my Japan Lite column called Breakfast Deja Vu and was nice enough to send along a photo of the breakfast. Indeed, Diane was the foreign guest who was visiting at that time. She confirmed " breakfast deja vu," saying she was sure the hot dogs were from the BBQ the night before. She also said the the omelet was very tasty. Thanks Diane! (P.S. I see in this photo that the "earthenware" nabe pot didn't make an appearance this time around. Maybe next time...)

Diane also asked what the Japanese people get for breakfast at Minshuku Harada. I'd have to say that the only thing I've seen served is the traditional miso soup & rice plus fish. That seems to be what Japanese people expect at a minshuku. I don't know what they serve when they have both foreign and Japanese guests. A mixture of both perhaps?

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