Monday, July 13, 2009

Shiraishi Bon Dance July 18

Come dance with the locals at the Shiraishi Odori (dance) this Saturday!

On Saturday, July 18, there is a special performance of the Shiraishi Bon dance. If anyone would like to learn the dance, come on out as the locals will be teaching it to tourists on the beach. It is an evening event. The locals will be dressed in the traditional costumes and there will be the taiko drum master bellowing out the song while the sun sets in the background. It's a great event for photos as the sun sets over the sea while the dance is performed on the beach (see photo above).

The Shiraishi Odori is one of Japan's "Bon" dances and is a designated one of Japan's Important Cultural Treasures. It is danced by the locals at Obon during the Festival of the Dead in August to appease the souls of the fallen Heike warriors of the Genpei War during the sea battle at Dan no Ura as told in the story of The Heike Monogatari. The dance has been performed every year for over 700 years.

The performance this Saturday is a special performance to give people a chance to preview it and try it themselves. About 200 people will attend the event.

Come join us!

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