Friday, May 15, 2009

Otafuku Ryokan

Otafuku Ryokan on the beach.

View from the rooms at Otafuku Ryokan

Otafuku Koykan has renovated and is open again for business this summer. This traditional style Japanese inn located on the beach has 15 rooms, all facing the sea. Otafuku also has a iwaburo stone bath (only used in the high season, ie July and August) and they serve up a very traditional complete Japanese dinner with fresh fish, miso soup, rice, vegetables, etc. They will not cook special menus (ie vegetarian, etc) but they feel there is enough food to choose from in one sitting that even those on strict diets will surely find enough to eat.

The view from the dining room includes an old bonsai tree
with the sea as a backdrop

Otafuku is a welcome addition in accommodation for those seeking a western toilet! All rooms have a Japanese style toilet attached and new Western style toilets with all the fancy accessories (heated toilet seats, bum washers, etc) down the hallway.

The western toilet bekons...

At 10,500 yen per person per night (includes breakfast and dinner), this ryokan is a little more expensive than other minshukus on the island but it's well worth it if you want to pamper yourself. Good food, spacious rooms and a nice bath are all in one place here. Stroll down the beach in your yukata in the evening--you can't get a more Japanese experience than this!

Notes: 1. Otafuku also accepts pets.
2. Otafuku will also do Bed and Breakfast but we are still waiting on rates from them.

To reserve, contact shiraishireservations at

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