Thursday, April 16, 2009

Ferry prices, etc.

A cat models a Moooo! Shop necklace

The weather is beautiful on Shiraishi Island and Golden Week is just around the corner. We're starting to clean up the beach and get everything in shape! We've already had a steady stream of people coming out to the island already and many people have said they'll be out for Golden Week. It's looking like another great season on the beach! Next week we welcome Japan Lite reader Ruth and her friends who are finally making it out after years of planning. It will be a joy to finally meet them and to share some island experiences.

A couple things you might want to know if you are planning on coming out to the island:

1. The Sanyo Kisen ferry prices have increased. The regular ferry is now 650 yen and the express ferry is 1,130 yen.

2. The Shiraishi Ferry (car ferry) is 520 yen.

3. The International Villa is fully booked for Golden Week (April 29-May 5) but I can book you into one of the minshukus on the beach if you like. Just send me an email at shiraishireservations at
I can also book you into the International Villa for any time other than Golden Week.

I look forward to sharing some moogaritas with you at the Moooo! Bar....!

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