Sunday, August 03, 2014

San-chan's--the only restaurant on Shiraishi Island, #japan

If you're coming out to the island, you'll probably have at least one meal at San-chan's, since it's the only restaurant on the island. You can order regular Japanese fare such as yakisoba, udon, fried rice and sashimi, or, for the more adventurous, you can order some finer delicacies such as these:

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Anonymous said...

Amy, I just saw the NHK program ゆうどき - where they include the Mooo Bar (they never identify it) - and there are some foreigners looking at a sea urchin on the mooo bar counter, and a woman behind the counter is filming it on an iPhone - you can't see her face but I guessed it was you. Anyhooo - I have the show on my HDD and I will burn you a DVD and send it to you if you want it. (the tv program doesn't show any more of the mooo bar - i just recognized it because of the trianguar cow pattern seats. also i've never been there - I have just been a loyal japan lite reader for many years) - Nelson

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